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We offer solutions for better health and pain free movement.


The Foundation

It's All Connected was born from the need to bring holistic health to our community through movement and healthy lifestyle. Movement and natural whole foods have provided generations before us with strong healthy bodies since the beginning of time. Today we live in a society where technology has aided our generation into a sedentary lifestyle loaded with consumption of processed food. Research and experience has continuously shown that natural whole food consumption is related to lower risks of heart disease, cancer and diabetes just to name a few conditions. In regards to movement it’s not just about exercise; it’s about healthy activity. Using chiropractic, healthy movement and lifestyle modification we prepare the body to do what is was designed to do; move efficiently. To guide us in facilitating this process the principles of functional medicine are used to implement a systematic approach to patient care.

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Our Services

There are no secrets in the name "It's All Connected".  Experience, research and common sense has shown us that very few things occur in a vacuum.  This is true of performance and health. Those who improve their performance tend to get relatively healthier, and DEFINITELY those who improve their health tend to perform better.  We've created an integrative approach to help people navigate this process.


Manual Therapy

This form of therapy includes multiple approaches to obtain a specific goal based on the needs of the person.  Neurological rehabilitation techniques are used in addition to chiropractic techniques, myofascial techniques (including instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation) and facilitated stretching procedures.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine provides a platform to addressing the cause of symptoms that many people express.  Some of these symptoms many times are linked to many common diagnoses including hypertension, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome and the list goes on.

Corrective Exercise

In order to experience lasting results it is vital that our people learn to move in ways that is supportive to their body and that coincides with the treatment that they are experiencing.  Although our patients will receive good results from our treatment process alone, corrective exercise allows the results to be permanent and provides an opportunity for the patient to take ownership of their own health.

Khalid Chaney DC MSACN

Khalid Chaney DC MSACN

Dr. Chaney received his doctorate of chiropractic degree from Life Chiropractic College West in 2009.  His bachelor of science degree is in Kinesiology with an emphasis in athletic training, in addition he has masters of science in applied clinical nutrition.  He has been working in the health and fitness industry since 1998 as a personal trainer, lifestyle coach, professor and strength and conditioning coach specializing in sports rehabilitation and performance.  His journey helping achieve a healthier community has culminated in a multidisciplinary approach that focuses on wellness as the springboard for achieving all goals.  He has organized and led multiple chiropractic/wellness mission trips to Ghana West Africa to provide chiropractic care, and bring other tools for being healthy and well.  He created Health 101 as a means of addressing the concerns, and increasing needs of our community’s condition of declining health.  His premise in treatment is rooted in the philosophy that the body always seeks its optimal health.  The missing link in many cases is the environment.  We must give the body the environment it needs to thrive. That environment includes nutrition, lifestyle and our body. Combining chiropractic care plans with nutrition, and corrective exercise programs Dr Chaney has been able to produce sustainable results that extend well beyond the initial complaints of the patients.

Dr. Chaney has provided me with true “whole person care”.  His approach, which includes chiropractic adjustments, stretches, exercises and nutritional recommendations becomes the basis for a journey of life- long healing, and significant relief from current injuries and discomfort.  My 40 plus years of dance related pain issues have been turned around by Dr. Chaney.
— Rosa W


As a Pilates studio owner and trainer, I consider myself a savvy consumer of body care, and I find Khalid Chaney to be a gifted chiropractor. I refer delicate clients to him with confidence, knowing Khalid will be gentle; I also refer strong, athletic clients, and all receive appropriate care with excellent outcomes. As a patient of Khalid myself, I can personally attest to his skill and integrity. Khalid is a talented practitioner and I recommend him wholeheartedly.
— Susan B.


I used to tell everyone that because I have a physical job, it’s important for me to check in with my doctor regularly. In reality, anyone who uses their body should have someone like Dr. Chaney on their health and wellness support team. Dr. Chaney is a wise and knowledgable practicitioner, with a wide range of expertise. Both his treatments and his insights have helped keep me become strong and mobile. Whether it’s re-hab or pre-hab, I am constantly recommending him–he is one of my favorite health experts and most trusted body geeks, hands down
— Melanie H