Dr. Chaney has provided me with true “whole person care”. His approach, which includes chiropractic adjustments, stretches, exercises and nutritional recommendations becomes the basis for a journey of life- long healing, and significant relief from current injuries and discomfort. My 40 plus years of dance related pain issues have been turned around by Dr. Chaney.
— Rosa W
As a Pilates studio owner and trainer, I consider myself a savvy consumer of body care, and I find Khalid Chaney to be a gifted chiropractor. I refer delicate clients to him with confidence, knowing Khalid will be gentle; I also refer strong, athletic clients, and all receive appropriate care with excellent outcomes. As a patient of Khalid myself, I can personally attest to his skill and integrity. Khalid is a talented practitioner and I recommend him wholeheartedly.
— Susan B
I used to tell everyone that because I have a physical job, it’s important for me to check in with my doctor regularly. In reality, anyone who uses their body should have someone like Dr. Chaney on their health and wellness support team. Dr. Chaney is a wise and knowledgable practicitioner, with a wide range of expertise. Both his treatments and his insights have helped keep me become strong and mobile. Whether it’s re-hab or pre-hab, I am constantly recommending him–he is one of my favorite health experts and most trusted body geeks, hands down
— Melanie H
Dr. Chaney is an exceptional chiropractor. I have sent numerous student athletes to him over the years, however, I recently needed his services for myself. I visited his office because I had lower back pain. He took me through a series of tests in order to identify the issues. By the end of the session, the pain was much lower, I had increased flexibility, and based on his explanations, I was able to understand my “homework” in order to continue moving towards no lower back pain. In all, I believe that Khalid is outstanding and I will continue to refer student athletes for his services.
— Coach C